Caldesi - Italian Restaurant & Cookery School London UK
Stop The Spike - Fabulous food for blood sugar control - Loc. Gerrards Cross, Bucks
Tutor: Katie Caldesi & Jenny Phillips
Date: Thursday 21 September 2017
Time: 9.30am - 3.00pm
Location: Caldesi's Kitchen
Price: £135.00
When Giancarlo was diagnosed as being both diabetic (Type 2) and gluten intolerant Katie Caldesi went on a quest to drop the carbs and eat a healthier, more natural diet across the board. Together with the help of expert nutritionist Jenny Phillips they searched out some great recipes and also designed some fantastically satisfying and wholesome dishes that everyone can enjoy.  Their efforts soon rewarded the whole family with better health, weight loss, higher energy levels and most importantly, successfully reversed Giancarlo’s diabetes.
On this course Katie and Jenny will guide you through cooking a wide range of recipes with the blood sugar control and weight loss in mind.
Whether you’re concerned about your health or just interested in reducing your carb intake then this course will inspire you with recipes which are both delicious and easy to make.
Sample Dishes:-
  • Easy eggs poached in tomato sauce
  • Pot-roast chicken and steamed vegetable parcels
  • Five minute Asian fish parcels with cauliflower and onion stir fry
  • Greek Moussaka
  • Shredded wilted and buttered cabbage "pasta" and Tuscan ragu'
  • Seed bread, butter and raspberry chia jam
Course locations
La Cucina Caldesi - Marylebone
Caldesi's Kitchen
Caffe` Caldesi - Marylebone
Wasing Park - Aldermaston