Kimbo Coffee Experience Day!
Kimbo Coffee Experience Day!
Tutor: Nicola Pace (Kimbo UK Head of Training)
Date: Monday 02 November 2020
Time: 10.00am - 3.00pm
Location:La Cucina Caldesi - Marylebone
Price: £125.00
A beginners journey into the World of Coffee!
As a brand ambassador for Kimbo we take our coffee very seriously , this experience day you will be taken through the journey of the humble coffee bean from the plant to the cup by Kimbo UK’s very own coffee guru Mr Nicola Pace.
You will have a chance to use a traditional lever coffee machine and make your own favourite coffee drink , learning how to extract the perfect espresso and texture the perfect milk. You will also have the hands on experience of trying out a home brewing experience and get to take home your own brewing kit so that you can experience the perfect cup of Kimbo coffee at home - A must for all coffee lovers!

Program of the Day

  • - Introduction to Kimbo
  • - Coffee Journey from Ethiopia into the World
  • - What is Coffee? Species & Varietals
  • - Characteristics of Arabica & Robusta
  • - Green coffee observation and its varieties
  • - Set up Grinder / Coffee Parameters
  • - Espresso Extraction
  • - Steaming milk techniques & Latte Art

12.30pm - Lunch at Caldesi in Marylebone

  • - Understanding of various Brewing Dynamics
  • - Method: Gravity, Immersion, Pressure
  • - Guest Brewing experience

Class sizes are kept to just 8 places, book early to avoid disappointment!
What's included?
- Combination of hands-on & demonstrations

- Each guest will receive a gift bag containing:
  • 1 x V60 brewer & filter papers
  • 1 x BIO 250g tin ground
  • Mykimbodiscount voucher of 10% when spending over £20
  • 1 copy of "Rome - Centuries in an Italian Kitchen" cookbook
- Lunch at Restaurant Caldesi in Marylebone (next door)
  • Antipasto sharing platter
  • Pasta dish main course
  • 1 Glass of house wine