A simply sublime dessert…

Whipped Ricotta with Rum and Fresh Berry Compote
Ricotta Montata con Rum e Composta di Bacche
 This glorious marriage of flavours has been around for centuries in Italy. It soothes with its cuddle of creamy sweetened ricotta. Add crushed Amaretti and preserved cherries; our favourite are the amarena cherries made by Fabbri and sold in pretty blue and white patterned jars. If you can’t find those, raspberries and strawberries when in season are also a suitable companion.
 S e r v e s 6–12
350 g (12 oz) ricotta
150 g (5 oz) whipping
80 g (3 oz/ 2/3 cup) icing
(confectioners’) sugar
50 ml (2 fl oz) dark rum
To serve (optional)
1 jar preserved cherries
or other soft fruit
handful of Amaretti
METHOD: Put all of the ingredients into a bowl and whisk
together by hand or with a hand-held blender until smooth. Adjust
the sugar and rum to your taste. Serve chilled in either 6 wine
glasses or 12 shot glasses on its own or with a few cherries and
some crushed Amaretti biscuits.
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Photography: Helen Cathcart

Quick, Tasty, Simple and Versatile…

This brilliantly useful paste couldn’t be easier to make and can be spread over hot toast, cooled crostini or stirred into pasta or risotto. We use it to top crostini and then put whatever vegetables we have over the top for canapés or a quick lunch. Try steamed asparagus or shelled broad beans.
Crema di parmigiano per crostini
Parmesan and Ricotta Paste for Crostini
Makes 300g, enough for around 15-20 slices of toasted baguette
50g Parmesan
150g Mascarpone
100g ricotta
2 teaspoons extra-virgin olive oil
Fine salt and freshly-ground black pepper
Mix the ingredients together and use straight away or store in the fridge for up to a week. Spread onto hot or cooled toasted bread and top with vegetables. Asparagus is lovely with toasted almonds on top.
It’s that simple!
Crostini copy Photo by Helen Cathcart.
This recipe is from our book Venice: Recipes Lost and Found, published by Hardie Grant.